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The Adaptive Foregrip (AVFG) is the only foregrip that allows the operator to adapt to tactical situations with a simple quarter-turn to install, remove, reposition, or swap the foregrip. No more messing around with hex screws or having to take out time to remove/adjust a foregrip.

The AVFG utilizes OA's patented quarter-turn lock/unlock mechanism, which can be manipulated with one hand, so the operator can maintain eyes and muzzle on-target.

Perhaps most importantly, the AVFG utilizes spring tension and locking detents to ensure the foregrip stays fixed in position while the operator fires the weapon.


Fit information: This product has been designed to fit MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail dimensions.  Fitment with plastic picatinny rails or non-conforming dimensions is not assured.

Adaptive Foregrip (AVFG) -WHOLESALE

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